Tal M. Klein - Slow Down EP (Aniligital Music)

Coming Soon From Aniligital Musico  
Tal M. Klein & Irregular Disco Workers - Ciao Bella (Lento Sul Lido)  
Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - Polk Street Stumblin’ (Hey You)  

Aniligital Music presents Slow Down, a slo-mo slammer of an EP featuring a Tal M. Klein collaboration withAnthony Mansfield (Hector Works) and another with Irregular Disco Workers (Cloned In The Vatican).

First up is “Ciao Bella (Lento Sul Lido).” Here Irregular Disco Workers and TMK dial up a real beauty of a beach track influenced by those late night watchings of Emmanuelle movies with the acid lines of last night’s rave still ringing in the ears.

Next, “Polk Street Stumblin’ (Hey You)" is a pre-AM/TM Anthony and Tal collaboration found in a hidden folder called "gem" in Aniligital’s old studio file cabinet. This "Disco Villainy"-era slow disco/jazz fusion track of sleazy proportions is reminiscent of many nights spent stumbling away from a forlorn bar in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district with creatures of the night shouting "hey you!" at the heels of those who pass them by.

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